Luxury Tiny House on Wheels (12 HQ pictures)

Luxury Tiny House on Wheels (12 HQ pictures)

Anything that is tiny scale is often overlooked in favor of the bigger and grander ones. But, hey, wait a minute! Look at this tiny luxury house on wheels by Tiny House Chattanooga! This is an epitome that you can have a luxurious and high-caliber masterpiece on a tiny scale. This off-grid tiny masterpiece is furnished, not only with furniture but also with all the comforts and extravagance that anyone desires!

You can have this amazing home for $75,000. So, why would you want to buy this one? The exterior is clad with wooden finish and numerous windows enclosed in white frames. As mentioned earlier, you also get the benefit of its capability to move around. The burgundy painted doors are wide enough to fit any furniture that you wish to add inside.


What is even more amazing is the fact that this mini house has two lofts on each side. The loft on the left side is considerably bigger than the other one. It is spacious and is perfectly suitable to be made into a bedroom while the other one is atop a cozy sofa, and the ladder that is used to go up is detachable and can be wall-mounted.

It also has a full kitchen where you can whip up your family’s favorite food. With a white finish and wooden accents, the neatly structured integrated storage in the kitchen extending to the stairs is lovely to look at. Underneath the bigger loft is where the bathroom is located. The opposite side holds a big sofa bed where your kids can sleep. You can then do anything you like for the other loft that you have. Comfort, style, and grandeur all wrapped up into one tiny house on wheels. Life is beautiful, indeed!


Stats: 24′

Price: $75,000

Tiny House Chattanooga

Source: Tiny House Chattanooga

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