A $200 micro-house – must see! (3 HQ pictures)

A $200 micro-house – must see! (3 HQ pictures)

Are you the type of person who only wants to sleep-eat-journal-repeat? You might just have found the perfect hideout for you! It is the $200 micro-house, a DIY by Derek Diedricksen! The word “Perfect” is an understatement, though. Drool over this magnificent creation by Derek!

Derek is a proud owner of Gypsy Junker, a stunning creation he built himself. The micro-house is made of shipping pallets, a true work of art, not to mention the storm windows and the recycled kitchen cabinets. There is also a sleeper on a rolling lounge chair which Derek named “a rickshaw for hicks.” It is also considerably smaller at 2.5 ft. wide x 6.5 ft. deep. Meanwhile, the Boxy Lady is the smallest with two cubes on a long pallet and 4 ft. tall at its highest point.


Derek’s knack for creativity, resourcefulness, and taste is hard to beat, let along the top! His tiny structures are groundbreaking creations made out of repurposed materials. Your $200 will definitely go a long way. If solace and comfort are this cheap, many would surely indulge in it. These mini shelters usually have transparent roofing, which allows a fine view of the treetops where the most comfortable position is supine.

Another interesting feature of this micro-house is that it makes use of porthole-like windows as a décor; please note that this window is recycled from a washing machine! Nothings goes to waste with a creative and resourceful person. People often say that you can never buy happiness, but with Derek’s $200 DIY nooks, I think you just learned how to buy one. Ingenuity at its finest!



Stats: 24 sq ft

Price: $200

DIY by Derek Diedricksen

Source: Relax Shacks

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