American Dream in a Tiny Shell (7 HQ pictures)

Traveling has become most people’s hobby recently. In the age of social media, travelers can’t help but post their current adventure including the hotel or guesthouse they are staying. Well, what would you say if you have your own place to stay on the go? American tiny house has created a tiny house plan that will surely suit your style. Visiting the different states by land, but don’t have enough budget for a hotel? No problem, this tiny yet well-equipped movable house is just the perfect fit for all adventure junkies out there


This tiny house features a 2-tier roof and wooden walls. It has double glass door which is paned and with blinds, protecting you from the glare of the sun and allows you to enjoy the view outside at the same time. Another striking feature of the house is its energy-efficient windows that allow the natural light to pass through. With thorough checking inside, you can evidently see that space-saving issues are addressed with the interior design. The house is equipped with great storage spaces in the closet, kitchen, and even on the counter space. If you plan to have appliances while on the go, American tiny house still got you covered! The house can accommodate standard appliances, a sure feature in all ATH creations.

If beauty and practicality are what you are looking for in your next land trip, then this tiny house on wheels is a great option to add to your list. It does not only provide you roof to sleep in, but it also offers comfort in style while traveling.



Stats: 288 sq ft.

Price: Not available to public.

American tiny house

Source: American tiny house

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