Creative DIY 144 Sq Ft Space (5 HQ pictures)

Creative DIY 144 Sq Ft Space (5 HQ pictures)

DIY has another surprise for people who are looking for beautiful tiny houses.   This 144 square feet home had captured the attention of many people because of its mobility and amenities. This house comes in two different designs, but it’s cost effective and durable to any wear and tear. This house can be a perfect camping trailer for you and your friends or a home when you travel around the states and county.

The house is littered with windows of different sizes. The windows allow the air to move around the house, making it well ventilated. The house has 2 pairs of wheels attached on both sides of the house.  The house exterior is covered in mint green color with a metallic gray roof. The house windows vary in color; one side is painted in mint green while the other side is colored brown.


The house has a very cozy interior. It has that rustic look. The bed room was placed above the study and closet area. The study also serves as a dining area. Right beside the closet/ study area is the kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with shelves for storage and a cooktop. The house is well lit. The color of the interior brightens under the yellow glow of the light bulbs.

You can also add an outdoor porch outside your mini home. There are also other designs for DIY homes. Contact DIY now and get in touch with their skillful team of designers. They can give you a free quote or offer a suggestion in making your own cozy mobile home.



Stats: 144 sq ft

Price: Not available to public.


Source: check out Elizabeth’s journey here.

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