Custom Tiny House That Will Suit All Your Needs (18 HQ pictures)

People often say that home is where your heart is; so, at times when your heart is restless, take your home with you wherever you go! This 160 sq. ft. custom house by Timber Craft Tiny Homes is the best fit for you!

Your tiny home on the go is a custom-made trailer with electric brakes both weighing 7,000 lbs. each. Its base is a floor framing built into the trailer to lower the overall height while the subfloor is glued and screwed down. It also comes with an advanced 2×4 wall and roof framing, plus a 3” closed cell spray foam insulation. Savor the majestic view outside through the windows.


Find refuge in your tiny home’s 26 GA standing seam metal roof and 1×10” interior finish. It can easily fall into the minimalist category with its simple yet elegant interior. Feast your eyes on the painted cabinets, pine slab countertops, stainless steel sink, and ramble wood stove in the kitchen area.

This tiny house also has an electric air con with warmer to withstand cold seasons. Additionally, it can also be wired for hookup and is customized for water hookup. So, are we good? Go ahead and take your heart to the farthest ends of the earth until it learns the love it truly deserves!



Stats: 160 sq ft

Price: $44,000

Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Source: Timbercraft Tiny Homes

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