DIY Cabin That You Can Build in 2 Weeks Under $2,000 (6 HQ pictures)

DIY Cabin That You Can Build in 2 Weeks Under $2,000 (6 HQ pictures)

A big space cabin that can support living all-year round with a low-cost price of less than $ 2,000? You heard it right- in less than $ 2,000! DIY developer knows that you’re looking for a taste of style and comfortability. This DIY tiny house is a 14×14 attic with 400 square feet living area.

As you go inside, ground floor welcomes you with an almost-complete kitchen, solar-powered toilet, full-blown dining area, and lovely living area. This huge place is perfect for 6 people to roam around and sleep happily. You’ll be excited more when you know it has a power system of 580 watts solar-powered and 400-watt wind power, supplying your 12-volt fridge freezer, lightings, water source, televisions, laptops, cellphones, and other devices/gadgets. Cooking is possible, of course, with a heat source of either propane or wood stove. You can even contribute to the health of Mother Earth when you know that your toilet is solar-supported composting.


Are you still undecided? You shouldn’t be! This house can support your year-round living with its full insulation intended for seasonal changes. Worry-free when you’re located distantly as it has been tested in Canada, Mexico, and Alaska, and the results are more than what is expected! If you’re looking for a house which is perfect for all season, this one is perfect you, especially when you are just starting and you like adventures such as hounding, hunting or angling, bug-out accommodation, or you just want to relax for a vacation. Build one now with all new materials under $ 2,000 (excluding windows and doors) with an option to add 3 sides per design. Customization and a complete list of materials can all be seen in the eBook provided.



Stats: 400 sq ft, powered by wind and solar power

Price: $2,000


Source: You can buy the instruction guide for your own DIY house here.

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