DIY off Grid Cabin – Little Home Under $3600 (11 HQ pictures)

A budget of less than $ 3,600 for a house? Quite good enough! If you’re looking for a house like this, then it would be time to contact DIY and get your house prepared. Built on a flatbed, double trailer axles that serve as transport and amenities.

This cute assembly contains fully operational kitchen necessities like oven, grill, and sink. It also has an ecofriendly bathroom and compost toilet with both hot and cold water options. It is even completely solar-powered with propane gas used to heat water and cook, plus a wood stove helping to provide heat. Whenever you like to relax, you got to enjoy a 14’x16’ bed capacity while dreaming about great things in life.


The house can also be transported, although just a few times in its entire lifetime. And it has a low-cost budget if you’re planning to build one, although some recycled materials have been added as shown in the pictures taken below. You can always incorporate recycled resources as a functional substitute, and no doubt, you will be happier with the results. For something on a budget as compared to other leading styles, this one is a must-have! Building something like this means that you just need to find the perfect place, or you can have it built with your comfortable home in just a block away. This is a real accommodation if you’re located in a rural setting, a perfect abode for individuals who like to spend time with nature or renovate a house.

A highly recommended on-budget house from DIY developers. Build yours now!


Stats: 84 sq ft, powered by solar panels

Price: $3600


Source: Handmade Matt

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