DIY The Big Tiny Home (6 HQ pictures)

Quaint is the perfect word to describe this tiny home. But not only is this tiny home a functional living space, it is also features the story of Dee Williams who built this house entirely by herself. The Big Tiny by Pad Portland Alternative Dwellings is perfect for people looking for Do-It-Yourself projects and looking for cozier spaces to live in. Measuring only 84 sq. ft., this residential space can be built on sparse land areas. You also have the liberty to choose your own materials adding to the cost-efficiency of building this home. You can opt for a steel frame for added durability, reclaimed wood, or other materials that would fit your requirements.


The makeup of this home features a dollhouse-like exterior and a small front porch. Following the main design, you are welcomed by a door and three windows. Inside, the design utilizes the available space to include a full working kitchen, a bathroom, a living space, and a ladder that leads to a generously-sized loft which serves as the bedroom space. It only takes a few steps to go from one space to the other and also only few minutes to clean.

Because of the Do-It-Yourself nature of this house, you have the liberty to alter the frame and interior of the design to fit what you would require in your home. For Ms. Williams, it was only a mattress, a laptop, a space for her few belongings and a roof to tie it all together. You can buy The Big Tiny Book for instructions on how you can also create your own small home that will suit your needs.


Stats: 84 sq ft

Price: Not available to public.

Pad Portland Alternative Dwellings

Source: Pad Portland Alternative Dwellings

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