DIY Tiny Home for Simpler Life (8 HQ pictures)

Living an adventurous life can be tough. Travelling makes life more exciting. Go to places and meet a lot of people. However, you don’t have to leave your home. You can always bring it with you. DIY by Clotheslines Tiny Homes created and design a 1,000 square feet little house fit for travelling.  This tiny home follows the concept of an RV, sans with roof and a small porch.  The house has two entry ways. The front door is attached to the little porch connected to the house. At the other side, the house a sliding door made from transparent glass.


As you enter the house, you will see the living area. The living area can fit a medium-sized sofa. Across the sofa are the sliding doors. It gives you a perfect view outside the house. Right beside the living area is the kitchen. The kitchen was well maximized. The area was complete with necessities.   At the corner beside the sink, a tiny dining area was crafted. The house comes with a large bed space and on top of the closet area. The staircase comes with a two-in-one function. It also used as a storage area. The bath and shower area is located right outside the bed space.

Overall, the house is both homey and sophisticated. Despite the small size, all the important places were covered.  If you are looking for a mobile home, you might want to consider this 1,000 square house. For more inquiries, please visit DIY By Clothesline now!



Stats: 1,000 sq ft

Price: Not available to public.

DIY by Clothesline Tiny Homes

Source: Clothesline Tiny Homes

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