DIY Tiny Home Under $9000 (10 HQ pictures)

Living on your own is a big step in one’s life, but what’s the most exciting part of it all? Well for one, you get to enjoy an extreme independence on all the things you do. One example is choosing the place to live. Since you’re still starting on your own, looking for an apartment with one extra space for a roommate is the usual thing to do. Well, that was before! Your problems are solved and have been answered by DIY by Erin and Donald with this exquisitely built tiny home creation; take this house as an example, and you will be more motivated.


Erin and Donald are from Colorado and planned to build a tiny house. Now, they finished it with a low budget and of course, with each other’s help. All necessities are in this house, and it is self-containing. A perfect place for couple who is just starting to live on their own or for independent individuals who are ready to take the world. The house is 181 square foot in area.

The duo named their work of art “Soleil,” meaning running off the sun. The house is 29-feet long and 8.5 feet wide which is composed of a sprinkling shower and bathroom bowl, composting toilet, a total of six solar sheets, and a 300-gallon water reservoir for fresh water. And wait, the water is heated with an on-demand heater. The home also has an attic coupled with a small staircase for easy access, a fully functional kitchen, and a great place to dine, an office, a spacious closet, and a sofa which is convertible into a guest bed.




Stats: 200 sq ft

Price: under $9000

DIY by Erin and Donald

Source: DIY by Erin and Donald

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