DIY Tiny House With All Blueprints for Your Own DIY (20 HQ pictures)

One of the most notable ways to achieve a blissful life is to live simple and happy. However, aiming for a simpler life does not have to be boring like what most people think. This ‘Tiny Project’ house on wheels by DIY by Alek Lisefski proves otherwise!

Last 2013, Alek Lisefski designed and built a groundbreaking tiny house on wheels. Since then, he has been living in his joy-inducing tiny home for over two years now. He is overflowing with joy that he cannot help, but share this exciting discovery to all of you. The plans of his tiny house are up for sale, as well as a photo book that contains the entire construction process.


The exterior is clad in wooden walls with numerous glass windows in wooden frames. It surely looks beautiful outside, but it is unbelievable how they manage to fit all the things inside the 160 sq. ft. house. The interior also has a wooden finish that perfectly compliments the white curtains, giving the impression that the house is bigger than its actual size. There is a dedicated space for a workstation which can fit a huge desktop monitor, as well as another laptop next to it. The chair used for the workstation is conjoined in the dining set. Space saver indeed! Across the dining table is the cozy couch where you can laze around. You will find a full kitchen on the other half of the house.

Wooden stairs will take you to the loft bedroom with cabinets and drawers matching the wooden finish. Everything that needs to be stored is well-kept in wall-mount shelves— fully maximizing the interior’s wall for hanging stuff. The comfort room has an ample space where you can freely move around while doing your thing.


Stats: 160 sq ft

Price: $30,000, construction plans only $250.00

DIY By Alek Lisefski

Source: The Tiny Project

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