Escape With This Luxurious Cabin (8 HQ pictures)

Living up to its name, Escape is unbelievably outstanding with wheels attached to it. Yes, you read that right! You can literally escape and go anywhere you fancy with this luxurious 392 sq. ft. cabin. Many people find it hard to believe that this cabin is a movable home. It is like detaching a good hotel room and taking it wherever you please. You can finance it up to 15 years since it is considered as a recreational vehicle.

To describe this cabin as beautiful is an understatement; the design and architecture of Escape are exquisite! You can bathe in nature’s splendor day in and day out while lounging in this cabin. The exceptional architectural details and cedar lap siding are standard but can be changed if you prefer a lighter interior. Most clients like the screened porch, but you can get an one without it.


The cedar finish exudes elegance in and out of the cabin. It blends well with autumn leaves and grows even more stunning with warm light by night. The comfort hovering around the cabin is soothing enough to choose this over any other house! It is spacious enough to house a full kitchen, living area, bedroom, and spacious bathroom all at once.

Its huge glass windows allow you to see the wonders that are your current surrounding. You can choose to be in the heart of nature or anywhere your heart desires. Do not forget that this cabin has wheels that can transport you from one location to the other. What a time to be alive in this beautiful cabin!


Stats: 392 sq ft

Price: $98,400


Source: Escape

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