Exquisite Tiny House at Only $40K (6 HQ pictures)

This exquisite tiny house by Architect Matt Garcia is something for the nature lover individuals. It is built for only $40, 000. If you are the kind of person who does not want to be living away with your friends or family, then this might be a good idea for you – building your own tiny houses next to each other. This is one way to deepen your relationship and love with each other. The house has a size of 350 square feet, perfect for either solo or group living. The house looks so refreshing and tranquil both from the outside and inside of the house.


Though built in a limited space, you can still have your own bedroom, living room, bathroom, and your own workspace in this house. The theme is minimalist-oriented but is still enough to enjoy your daily routine. This home away from the city life truly gives you a magical feeling of freedom and peace. After a while of working hard, you can set yourself to something delectable as you come home.

A perfect place for nature engagement and more on keeping pace with yourself. This house is truly the spot for people who love outdoors. Surround yourself with nature and feel how great it is to live. It might consist of a less space than the typical homes we see, but it offers ultimate relaxation to its occupants. When you look at the sample pictures below, imagine living in a house like this one and feel the excitement and thrill of living both with your friends and with nature as well.



Stats: 350 sq ft

Price: $40,000

designed by architect Matt Garcia

Source: Matt Garcia

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