Fairy-Tale-Like Tiny House Made Entirely of Cob (4 HQ pictures)

This house might look like it had sprung out from the story books that we used to read. But Year of the Mud had made it into reality. This 200 square feet home is made from the best cob materials. The exterior of the house looks like a small hut buried under the shrubs. Its roof has plants planted on them. The bottom part of the house is lined with rocks to help solidify the house foundation.

You can plant vegetables and other flowering plants. You can also add lounge chairs or picnic tables for outdoor activities. It is also surrounded by a makeshift fence made from plastic screen and twigs from the trees.


The house interior is surprisingly cozy compared to its exterior. The house is furnished with a bed, rocking chairs, a closet, and some extra shelves. The furniture was made from scratch. The house is spacious and comfortable. It has large glass windows for better ventilation. It also has a little opening on the roof. This is often used as a night light. It also gives you the perfect view of the sky at night. The house has white walls that brighten the house. The house has tiled floor; you don’t have to worry about keeping the place tidy.



Stats: 200 sq ft

Price: Not available to public.

The Year of Mud

Source: The Year of Mud

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