Fashionable Home Only for $145 per Square Foot (4 HQ pictures)

You can live a simple life without letting go of the aesthetic aspect or lack thereof. This fashionable home by Living Homes also comes with a considerable price tag, not to mention that it is in collaboration with Make It Right. Make It Right is a nonprofit organization founded by architect William McDonough and famous Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. The organization aims to build 150 low-cost and sustainable residences in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans that was greatly devastated by Hurricane Katrina.


Your good taste when it comes to choosing a house will go along way! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each C6 will help support Make It Right’s projects. Residing in the comforts of a 1,232 sq. ft. for the price of $145 per sq. ft. and a total of $179,000 is definitely a good deal! This fashionable tiny home boasts of its fiber cement cladding, Andersen windows and cork flooring instead of vinyl and carpet.

It might not be the cheapest, but you get your money’s worth! A courtyard design that increases the exterior surface area with cladding and insulation are not bad after all. Be at ease with the cross ventilation in every room and a lavish of natural light filling the house. It is known to be going for LEED platinum rating to prove that it is a bargain basement design and construction.

Nothing beats a person’s will to carry on after a devastation, especially if you choose wisely when it comes to a refuge that you want to settle in.


Stats: 1232 sq ft

Price: $179,000

Living Homes

Source: Living Homes

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