Garage Transformed Into Tiny Home for Under $32K (20 HQ pictures)

Michelle de la Vega, with the help of some trade’s people, creates a masterpiece with this old garage and converted in into a 250 sq. ft. dainty living space. It is not just a homey space, but it is also an expression of the importance of recycling. The showcase of its unique craftsmanship is manifested by the use of a wide variety of materials that are refurbished and custom-built to basically use as interior enhancers. The sui generis feature of the house is consistent from its built to the materials used indoors. The mixture of modish and antiques is highly commendable based on the results depicted in the gallery. There is a sense of congruency on spatial distribution of bits and art pieces that are relevant to the homeowners in every section of the house. An additional four feet and square footage are created to maximize the space from its original footprint, creating an effect of expansion to accommodate all beneficial items.


Space is very suitable to workaholics because it is easier to manage. Each part of the house is designed to make it convenient to the homeowner to live there and place things where they belong without spending too much effort. All things are prepared for use. The unit is well-lit, especially in corners which need lighting. There is even a loft intended for sleeping which makes it more liveable. The most wonderful implication of all is that this house is an encouragement of proper material management. After all, it is not about the space, but it’s about style and function.


Stats: 250 sq ft

Price: $32,000

Michelle de la Vega 

Source: Michelle de la Vega 

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