Gorgeous Laundry Building Transformed Into Tiny House (7 HQ pictures)

The ability to innovate goes a long way in life, as well as in houses, and this gorgeous transformation by Azevedo Design Inc. is a good testament to it. Originally built as a laundry house, the brick house is transformed into a full-service guest apartment. The ground floor comes with an ample space of 8’-2” x 11’-6” or roughly 93 sf.

Marvel at the modern and rustic fusion enveloping the exterior of this innovative house. The lower floor’s brick wall exudes a rustic feel while the upper floor’s grey finish with horizontal lines accent provides a modern twist. It gives you the best of both vintage and contemporary tastes, making up for its tiny floor area. The first floor houses a full kitchen with white wall-mount cabinets, a makeshift coffee or dining table, and a living room with a cozy brown couch. Brick walls cover its interior as well, giving you enough room to hang a breathtaking painting.


A pleasant surprise awaits you upstairs! Be enthralled by the dressing area upstairs with built-in wardrobe and drawers in walnut. The 42” square bath comes with a wall-mount toilet, custom-made medicine cabinet which is made from steel, small sink with a shower valve, and a floor drain. The window provides an airy feel, making the room appear more spacious while a sandblasted door accentuates the area. The wonder does not stop there, lull yourself to sleep as you tread a glass landing leading to the bed with comfortable queen mattress. Before hitting the sack, you can also read your favorite book surrounded by the storage in hinged dashboards, bookshelves, and reading lamps.

You surely would not want to leave this house anymore!


Stats: 93 sq ft

Price: Not available to public

Azevedo Design Inc.

Source: Azevedo Design Brick House

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