Green Tiny House for Conscious Living (18 HQ pictures)

It’s not easy being green! Being green-minded literally means sustainable, off-grid, and ecofriendly. Well, Greenmoxie is at it again! They just develop a tiny house wherein you will not feel responsible of what’s happening on earth. Taken from the concept of recycling, up-cycling; and endlessly striving to waste, consume or even necessitate less. This type of house is the one you can put at the heart of a field. Without the need of big space but just enough on what you just need. Yes, you just heard it correct! No need to hook into the grid and sewage system. Again, it is sustainable, off-grid, and eco-friendly that is a comfortable place to stay.


In the entrance, you can relax on its front porch by sitting and sipping your coffee while waiting for the sun to rise; it is foldable when not in use. Inside, you can find wood flooring and ceiling, with just enough couch to sit on and a table where you can dine. Cabinets and storages are found inside. Its windows are huge, perfect for ventilation during the day; it’s like looking on a big screen viewing nature! Moving to the kitchen, you can check out the cabinets, gas range, built-in refrigerator, counter top, and sink. The ladder towards the sleeping loft is perfectly crafted with additional cabinets under it. A spacious sleeping area will welcome you as you go through the top. It is also well-ventilated with medium size windows and comfortable mattress, sheets, and pillows.

These you can get from the irreplaceable, artistic, state-of-the-art designer David Shephard and the expertise and inventiveness of manufacturer Ian Fotheringham. And wait, the idea of living is mortgage-free!



Stats: 340 sq ft

Price: $65,000


Source: Greenmoxie

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