Have Your Own Designers Masterpiece (13 HQ pictures)

Little cabin in the middle of the woods is a perfect place to relax and chill for a holiday. If you’re a writer that needs a tiny, private space to let your creativity flow, then this is an excellent house for you. Vinas tiny house surely didn’t disappoint when they created this tiny masterpiece. A tiny house yet with a designer look? Yes, that is exactly what this place is all about.

The house is not just all about pure beauty as it also taps sustainability as one of its selling factors. The house interior boasts non-toxic finishes with locally-produced material to support local enterprises. At first glance, one can tell the sincerity, love, and quality the house speaks. When it comes to practicality, this house has got what you basically need in a house. It is equipped with a fireplace, the propane gas type, and has a LED lighting, making it energy-efficient.


The house materials used in building this creation is also of high-quality. The doors are in double pane and equipped with tempered glass. It also has an exterior siding made from high-grade cedar in a vertical orientation. What’s more? Well, its solar system is armed with 750 watts with 4 batteries, controller, inverter, and two modules. The interior also has a ceiling fan, a handy appliance during summer time. There is also an outdoor deck where you can spend your time reading a book or just enjoying a cup of tea every morning. This house is indeed a great place for a reasonable price.


Stats: 20′ long x 8′-6″ wide x 13′-6″ high, 140ft² lower level +80ft² bdrm loft + 16ft² storage loft

Price: $75,000 including furnishing.

Vinas tiny house

Source: Vinas tiny house

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