High-end Tiny House That You Must See Now (12 HQ pictures)

Would you believe it that for $65,000 you can already build a homey and chic abode? This high-end tiny house is indeed a must-see one. It is made by Driftwood Homes USA. It has refuted the myth that you cannot use dark colours for small spaces. This bold and brave house is decorated with dark and moody colours.


Indeed, it came out perfect due to the balance that has been created from all of the materials, colours, and design of the house. All parts of the house are made of creativity and enthusiasm, leading to something splendid and impressive. The colour combination is made with boldness. Indeed, it is not a typical home, but it still functions as a regular one just adding bits of delight as you look around the house. It is a nice place where you can take a good rest and an amusing sight to behold when you wake up in the morning.

This house is perfect for either independent or group of four living together. It has a total size of 280 square feet, and there is enough space to be shared with the people you want to be with on a beautiful day or a lovely night. With good housekeeping and proper organization, you sure can make the most out of this indigo house. There is a range of activities you can choose to do, and it is up to you whether you decide to do it outside or inside. Surely, you would not run out of things to do here.



Stats: 280 sq ft

Price: $65,000

Driftwood Homes USA

Source: Driftwood Homes USA

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