Holiday Cabin that Only Costs $1200 to Build (3 HQ pictures)

If you love the outdoors and you’re looking for a cheap and cozy housing to be ready for a quick getaway, this small cabin may just be the thing for you. This Holiday Cabin from Tennesee Tiny Homes is a quaint 80 sq. ft. cabin that goes 10 ft. wide and 8 ft. deep. This house can cost around $1200 to build, depending on the materials that you would prefer to use and the design or style that you would want this cabin to be altered to. Using its basic design, the usage of salvaged, renewed, or recycled materials can pull down the cost to about $1000.


Aesthetic-wise, this cabin’s original design is simple and straightforward. There are no intricate styles or surprises. But don’t mistake this cabin’s basicness for inefficiency. On its most basic design, this cabin features bedding and clothes storage, a single-person loft, a rain water system, a sink and counters, and enough space to store utensils, food containers and a roof that opens to its side to create a porch increasing the space up to 110 sq. ft. This porch also has roll-down or drop-down mosquito nets that are secured into place by Velcro.

Due to its straightforward design, this cabin can be altered or added to effortlessly suit your needs. It’s affordable to build and takes minimal effort and time. There’s nothing like having that one space that you can run to when the city stress takes a toll. Don’t forget to contact Tennessee Tiny Homes for your very own Holiday Cabin.



Stats: 80 sq ft, 10′ wide, by 8′ deep

Price: $1200

Tennesee Tiny Homes

Source: Relax Shacks

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