How to Build a Cute Cabin for Only $2,200 (7 HQ pictures)

If you are looking for a house but running on a tight budget, we might have the right solution for you. For $2,200, you can have a little cottage.  It has sizes up to 240 square feet. This little cottage is very easy to construct. DIY will guide you through the construction of this tiny home.

The house is designed with four windows. The windows are located on both sides of the house. This house also has a little front porch that you can decorate with chaise chair or foldable chairs. You can also add some potted plants to add more color to the house exterior


The house structure is made from timber. It is important that you build this first. This will serve as your house foundation.  The house is spacious and despite the size. You can have a spacious sleeping quarters. You can also have a mini kitchen in this house setting. It is very important that you utilize whatever space you have in the room. The house is well-lit. The walls are covered in yellow wood.  The color of the wood reflects the light from the ceiling.  The bedroom is very simple. The floor is carpeted with grey hues. It complements the dark-colored furniture and bright walls.

You don’t have to worry about getting an apartment when you can have this tiny home.  It may not be big, but it’s cozy and homey. To know more DIY constructions, visit DIY. Their team of professionals will guide you through.



Stats: 240 sq ft

Price: $2,200


Source: instructions on how to build a home for yourself are here.

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