Incredible cabin in the woods (6 HQ pictures)

Incredible cabin in the woods (6 HQ pictures)

Here’s the deal, most homeowners are often torn between two opposing choices that are both, most often than not, still appealing to them. Extravagant or minimalist? Cosy or modern? Chic mono palette or a burst of all colors? It is quite an experience, just having to choose between two options. But here’s the catch, what if, for the sake of your undying quest to build a home that is uniquely you– you get both worlds this time? That’s right, a house built exclusively to please all your desired aesthetics. It is not impossible, you know. As others may find it a risky call, contractors from LAROCQUE ELDER ARCHITECTS, ARCHITECTES INC. think that it is an utmost genius. With just 98 sq. ft. of space, here is how they make your dreams come true.


This home, equipped with a sleeping loft and woodstove, is safely nestled for a simple and rejuvenating escape. Its exterior walls are lined with furnished wooden panels painted in the deepest noir, framing tall glass double doors to welcome you inside; c’est chic, if I must say. Inside, you can let loose your homey side by decorating the house in colored quilt, indoor plants, and impressionistic posters as these choices nicely complement the polished wooden walls. A rectangular window is situated just atop the double doors to add illumination to the home. A lamppost is securely attached to the house, illuminating the area by night or by days when the surroundings are too gloomy to deal with. Given the size, this house may not be the dream home you wanted, but it is your escape, a place truly your own and a part of your personality which is built to last.



Stats: 98 sq ft

Price: Not available to public.



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