Incredible Must-see Tiny Home on Wheels (11 HQ pictures)

Due to the continuous issue of climate change and global warming, it has been so hot, and the weather became so unpredictable. That is why many opt to have a tiny house for their families. Choosing this kind of house, they are taking into consideration the environmental and financial impact. Mint tiny house company is a company that helps modern people leave traditionally in a not-so-expensive house. The company’s houses are known to be environmentally friendly.  They provide options to have grey water tanks or filtration system that help in the disposing of dirty water by water catchment systems that embrace the art of reusing the water for your daily household chores. Also, the company is known for having the privilege of the many customers to contribute in the lessening of environmental issues and also minimize their expenses to own a home without sacrificing the artsy look they want for their homes.


This Mint Tiny Houses masterpiece has a floor area of 20 to 24 square feet. Alongside with this are the areas common in a house — a fully fitted kitchen, a bathroom and shower area, the living area, as well as the sleeping and storage area which is located right below the roof. Also, the house is equipped with a fully functioning electric brake system and a corner stabilizer jacks. Lastly, the house is guaranteed to have a solid foundation due to the usage of heavy-duty metal frames.



Stats: From 20 to 24 square feet.  All have gvw of 10,000/12,000lb. Fully functioning electric brake system. 4x corner stabiliser jacks. Electric brake away system. Fully fitted kitchen.  Bathroom and shower. Living area. Closet, loft sleeping area and loft storage space. Heavy duty metal frame giving the homes a solid foundation.

Price: From just $33 850

Mint tiny house company

Source: Mint tiny house company

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