Incredible Tiny Beach House Build From Scrap That Survived the Storm (14 HQ pictures)

Standard Creative places a whole lot new compatible structure to this great area. It features a 100-year-old plus Live Oak, which stands the test of time and storm, and a beautiful abode designed by Architect Bruce Lanier. They represent the best of both worlds – the old and the new era. As for the house, it is crafted with a 24′ X 24′ floor plan with 12′ to 19′ high ceiling which makes the house inviting and airy. You don’t even need air-conditioners for cooling since the huge windows are installed to allow air circulation freely and let the natural light to illuminate every corner possible. There is an interesting contrary of style on the two levels of the house, but both are sufficiently spacious. The lower part, which includes the receiving area, is very open and wide with unhampered access in all directions while the second floor has the close type design with glass windows. The contemporary manner of approach to its design is evident in the use of furniture and fixtures which uplift the atmosphere of the house even more.


Minimalism is being creative in itself as what this incredible beach house portrays. The inclusions suffice the practical use of objects to convert the appearance of the house complementary to the environment where it is located. The beauty of the façade is also maximized by putting in things of vibrant colors which are not just for beautification but also to be serviceable to the homeowners, as well as the guests. A house like this certainly contributes to good health and peace of mind.


Stats: 576 sq ft

Price: Not available to public

Standard Creative

Source: Pye’s Tiny Beach House

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