Incredible Tiny Home That You Can DIY From Only $6,884 (17 HQ pictures)

Incredible Tiny Home That You Can DIY From Only $6,884 (17 HQ pictures)

Imagine a cottage-style tiny house that can transport you to the nearest beach? Stop imagining because it is now within your reach! A big thank you to 84 Lumber Tiny Living for making this possible. What else could you ask for with this elegant styled tiny home that gives you a seaside treat? Equipped with custom steel trailer with radial tires, safety brakes, and leveling jacks. Its striking blue metal roof and polymer composite siding add beauty and admiration to anyone who bypasses.


Going inside, a sliding glass patio doors welcomes you which are perfectly crafted on a strikingly graphic front porch. There’s more to love inside from ceiling to floor and even from the kitchen to the sleeping loft. Within, you will notice an exposed rafter ceiling and how epoxy floors are covered in gleam blue. There is also a rolling library ladder and a folding dining table. Its kitchen characters a spectacular white concrete exterior countertop, fashionable faucet, electric cooker, rust-free sink, and a storage section at the ceiling. The ladder will take you up to see an area of 52-square foot entirely for sleeping and relaxation; be more comfortable of its full-sized mattress, picture-perfect size windows, with an added compartment in the attic floor.

A house with flawless refinement as this, fully packed with what you just need, perfect for moving from one beach to another. Don’t just dream but make it a reality! Create genuine experiences and build more adventures with this incredibly perfect cottage-style tiny home just within your reach!



Stats: 154 sq ft, excluding loft,  52 sq ft sleeping loft.

Price: From $6,884 for trailer and plans; from $22,884 for trailer, plans, and shell; from $59,884 for a move-in ready build

84 Lumber Tiny  Living

Source: 84 Lumber Tiny  Living

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