Incredible Tiny House Village – Experience Tiny Living First Hand (5 HQ pictures)

It feels like waking up in a fairy tale in this Mr. Hood Tiny House Village by Tumbleweed! Who would not want to live in this kind of neighborhood? The Tiny House Village at Mt. Hood lets you experience the artistry and culinary vibe of Portland while nestled in the heart of Pacific Northwest’s nature. Strategically located near the bustling city if you want to explore the place, but far enough to savor serenity.

Ranging from 175 to 260 sq. ft., these tiny homes are full of character making it a perfect place to just sit back and relax. It is located less than an hour outside the Portland and is near to Mt. Hood National Forest. It’s definitely the best place to find solace and break-free from the city’s hubbub.


The one with cedar plank siding painted red with white trim is called Scarlett. It is considered to be an epitome of farmhouse charm. Festooned with family heirlooms in the entire house, this Scarlett house values the simple life with things that hold dear memories. It can accommodate up to five people, and it also has a full bathroom and a kitchen. However, no pets are allowed in this lovely abode. You only have to shell out $139 per night to lavish in this posh place.

Scarlett’s interior is definitely an eye-candy! Storage are placed in the most creative way possible— wisely maximizing the limited space. The steps of the stairs leading to the loft bedroom are turned into makeshift drawers. Scarlett shows us that you do not need to have a big space to have all the beautiful things to live!


Stats: 233 sq ft

Price: $139/Night

Mr. Hood Tiny House Village 

Source: Mr. Hood Tiny House Village 

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