Incredible Tiny Mermaid DIY House (9 HQ pictures)

Mermaid fans will literally squeal with joy with this incredible tiny mermaid house by Margaret Simpson DIY! Armed with twenty years of architecture experience, Margaret just sets the standards way too high with this creation. Being a well-equipped designer as she is, she had no difficulty in turning her dream house to reality. She did most of the work including framing, plumbing, and electric work. Talk about women empowerment!

The result of a 200 sq. ft. haven is nothing short of perfection. Feel like you are under the sea with the unique tiles in the bath to the stairs. After a good shower, go ahead and relax in the tea room that is located in the loft. What could be better than this?


Hold your breath as another awesome news hits you! Margaret breathe life to her dream house for $20,000! Aside from keeping the costs down, one of the perks of building your own house is the liberty you have to add special touches that you want. In Margaret’s case, she includes granite counters, custom tile work, and the best of all would be building her little tea nook in the loft.

Its Tiffany blue exterior finish literally reminds you of the sea and your mermaid dreams! Not to mention the engraved custom scale wall design. Make your tiny mermaid DIY house a little bit more ravishing at night by adding warm Christmas lights outside. It is also noteworthy that Margaret turned her upper loft into a Japanese-like abode with its tatami floors and wooden wall finish. I could easily give in and just enjoy my thoughts over a cup of tea!


Stats: 200 sq ft

Price: $20,000

Margaret Simpson DIY

Source: The Tiny House Saga

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