Incredibly Cosy Miniature Home That Fits Family of 4 Built Under $12K (20 HQ pictures)

Incredibly Cosy Miniature Home That Fits Family of 4 Built Under $12K (20 HQ pictures)

This incredibly cosy miniature home is another masterpiece built by DIY by Mini Motives. This house has an overall size of 232 square feet and will just cost you $11, 416. The house has indeed a refreshing vibe and is something that a lot of people will love. It has a great outward appearance that can surely catch anyone’s attention. You can also do outdoor campfires, enjoying a time with your kids, loved ones, and friends. It is also perfect for other casual activities.


The interior of the house is also magnificent that a family of four can perfectly fit into the house and still have their own space. It is magically decorated which adds to the beauty of this house. It brings out the stylishness of the house although it was made out of a gooseneck trailer. Indeed, it is a bright idea to be developed into such wonderful abode.

The house look lively and vibrant on both outside and inside. It is a place where you would surely find rest and comfort after a long day. The furniture are so colourful that it makes everything alive and dazzling. This house is indeed a remarkable one made with a balance of style and practicality.  If you are looking for the perfect place for you or with your whole family, indeed this one is something you need. You can expect more family bonding and great night adventures with them – a place where you can celebrate love and life. Truly, it is living at its finest.


Stats: 232 sq ft

Price: $11,416

DIY by Mini Motives

Source: DIY by Mini Motives

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