Incredibly Creative Treehouse for Those Who Are Living a Dream (10 HQ pictures)

If you are looking for a perfect place to relax, you ought to consider this perfect little home called Tom’s Treehouse.   This two-storey home was created and remodeled by Camp Wandawega. It sizes up to 250 square feet, and it is made from the best timber material.

The first storey of the house is an open area.  It can be converted into a dining area or a little gazebo.  The first floor has the perfect view of the area.  This a wonderful place for you and your friends to hang out when you have them over. It is brightened up with hanging lights, giving a warm glow to it. The house comes with a hammock at the bottom of the tree house, another perfect spot to unwind.


The two parts of the house are connected by two staircases.  The first staircase will direct you to the wrap around porch while the other one leads you directly to the living area.  The living area is small but spacious. The house designers had incorporated two different themes to accommodate the space and the rustic look that every tree house should have. The house has large windows to brighten the living area.

The house comes with an attic which was converted into a bedroom. Though it has limited space, designers have added mini-bookshelves on the walls. The attic has two large windows on both sides and an open roof deck for stargazing activities.

If you think that this might be the place that you are looking for, contact Camp Wandawega.  Our team of professionals would happily assist you all the way.



Stats: 250 sq ft

Price: Not available to public.

Camp Wandawega

Source: The Treehouse

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