Incredibly Stylish Micro House – Must See Clever Floor Plans (11 HQ pictures)

A small house with an easy pull-out bed? With more windows compared to top designs? And more space? Yes, you heard it right! All because of Minim Micro Homes. What a brilliant idea! They care what customers want as the house is built from a customer-based remarks.

Inside, you can find an easy pull-out floor bed with full mattress. Well, simple as that, but the comfortability is 100%. What else? You must practice your pastry skills on a 10-inch kitchen, keep your wardrobes on a 5-inch closet, your guest will be overwhelmed by an 8-inch couch convertible to bed, and enthusiastic workplace spot. You can also enjoy dining on a 4-inch banqueting table, plus a relaxed balcony and 7-inch projection screen. That’s a lot of entertainment! But wait there’s more, you will also have two to three times insulation levels for improved energy productivity and soundproofing.


In this house, well-being and security are major concerns, and it is improved with energy recovery ventilation system for air quality. You can also find an innovative table system that can be elevated, lowered, rotated in 4 floor plug functioning as kitchen counter, stall, coffee bench, dining table or bedside desk.

You could not ask for more with this house! It just marvelous outside, but you’ll love it even more when you go inside. A house with detachable scheme from its trailer equipped with 15 locks, off-grid alternatives for areas without sewer or electric hookups, cohesive rain catchment stowage with invisible gutters, and integrated air-conditioner without seeing its split or window fragments. These you can get when you avail a small house innovated by Minim Micro Homes.


Stats: 210 sq ft – a 10′ kitchen, a 5′ closet, 8′ sofa/guest bed, dedicated office area, 4′ dining table, comfortable seating for 7, and a 7′ projection screen.

Price: $71,000

Minim Micro Homes

Source: Minim Micro Homes

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