Incredibly Stylish Tiny House That You Can Get for $20! (20 HQ pictures)

Life is already complicated on its own, that is why we avoid hyperboles. But, believe me when I say that this Tiny house giveaway creation might be one of the most incredible stylish houses that you can ever find. Well, perhaps, in your lifetime! Sometimes, surprises come in one huge offering, and this tiny house and the story behind it might just be one of those wonders.

This majestic tiny house is a part of the Lamon Luther’s mission which is to provide hope for craftsmen with employment difficulties. They employ those who are starting anew after experiencing homelessness and addiction. It all started with furniture, but now these craftsmen are doing bigger projects such as these tiny houses. This one right here is built by Brian Preston, and it is a 368 sq ft. with all the amenities you need to call it home. Named after Lamon Luther Wilson, this movement is a tribute to the American craftsmen, yielding to the art of handmade products and embracing simplistic design. Likewise, putting in every blood, sweat, and dedication every step of the way until they attain unity with sustainability.


We also recognize the truth that being a craftsman is a calling, a certain kind of purpose that pumps the blood to your heart every day. More importantly, they aim to give hope for the hopeless craftsmen. Just look at the finished product of a relentless passion for curating this beautiful tiny house.

This stunning tiny house is packed with open kitchen and bath, two bedrooms in the main level, and loft (both comes with a queen size mattress.) You surely cannot get enough of its reclaimed wood exterior and finish. What could possibly be a better tiny home than this?



Stats: Designed by Brian Preston, 368 sq/ft, full open Kitchen and bath, master (queen size) bedroom on the main level, reclaimed wood exterior and finishes, queen size sleeping loft with stairs.

Price: $60 000

Tiny house giveaway

Source: Tiny house giveaway

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