Industrial Design House – Amazing Ideas for Your Home (16 HQ pictures)

Here comes the Phoenix home, a 32 ft. Gooseneck type, space-saving home worth $86,000. It provides your basic everyday life necessity support to surprisingly clandestine under-the-stairs storage yet well-built ones. You can clearly see the relevance of every corner from all its angles as the pictures below suggest. Everything is craftily assembled to serve its intended purpose. It promotes the 21st century architectural representation but with bold emphasis on sturdy furniture and classic woody structure which is consistently incorporated on the ceiling, walls, floors, and much more visible outdoors. Wind River Tiny Homes specializes in carrying out designs such as this which are conceptualized from out of the box.


Moreover, this unit is depicting labor of artistry as it includes tiny but useful windows which are situated in the most appropriate portions of the house to provide natural lighting for saving energy – that is, one of the requirements of home owners in buying houses – making it easy to do your activities without the disturbance of imperfections. Apart from that, you can enjoy your cooking in a mini kitchen outlined with modernity containing stuff such as hanging desks, integrated custom cabinets, sink with inventive faucet, and of course, built-in stove. Your wildest dream of owning an 8x30ft floor plan only cost around $61,000 and a medium customized range will only require you a little bit more around $74,000. But the most exciting part is, you can always find the best spot to drop by without leaving your comfy house. No matter where life takes you, a valued home like this will always bring you closer to an ambiance of your choice.


Stats: 240 sq ft

Price: $86,000

Wind River Tiny Homes

Source:  Wind River Tiny Homes

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