Inspiring Tiny Home for Big Thinkers (4 HQ pictures)

Are dreaming of your first home, creative studio, or guesthouse? You can roll all three musings into one! If you are the kind of person who fancies working in a quiet confine of solitude, this one story 246 sq. ft. by Hobitat is for you!

This hob features a queen size sleeping nook, kitchen, and a full bathroom. It also contains a generous space for chairs and tables, making it easy to navigate around. If you move out for quite some time, this will be suitable for a guest house. If you are the artistic type, this can be the studio that will help you finish your book and will birth your greatest song composition. The front porch can fit up to four people and puts a beautiful face on any property!


Every single hob is built in Hobitat’s shop to dispel the usual setbacks with the site construction such snow, mud, rain, and mold. The cocoon style structure assures that all utilities are confined within the building’s premises. A high-grade foam insulation enveloped around the structure seals out cold, heat, and noise. It can also withstand winter because it is designed to be drained down. The entire structural framework is built to IRC code while the floor system is enclosed. Its roof is specifically structured to carry a 40lbs./sq. ft. snow load. Moreover, it handles 30-gallon electric water heater and 100-amp breaker panel to conform to the current code. You also have the liberty to choose between a 400 or architectural series of Andersen thermal windows.

Ending this on a high note means that this hob also ensures a fresh air intake system with an Airetrak 1A Control for indoor air quality. You need not worry as it also carries a plumbing system that allows you to drain the building easily.



Stats: 246 sq ft

Price: $85,000


Source: Hobitat

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