Matchbox Size Tiny Home That Costs About $2,000 to Build (5 HQ pictures)

With its simple yet eco-friendly environment, who would ever fight the beauty of living in a Matchbox?  Apart from that, the community engineered by DIY also teems with the extensive varying natural resources and self-sustaining type of living. If you think you can survive without anything but the burning heat of the sun and miraculous flow of water, Matchbox can be the true haven for you.


As a matter of fact, Matchbox boasts its liveable environment.  It’s self-sufficient in terms of waste and water. However, it still depends on its power supply from the city. Thus, you can now focus on indulging life’s little moments. It gives you a one-of-a-kind chance to live your life happily and comfortably with less. Without any wasted space, you cannot find any attic or basement here. Moreover, it’s a single-family house; it’s still loaded with the necessary amenities. This off-grid home clad comes with an existing greywater management, rain catchment system, fledgling garden, and a composting toilet that set this apart from other small homes out there. It’s indeed a carbon-zero haven you’ve dreaming of. Its kitchen is smaller and contains more energy-efficient gadgets powered by a 1,200-watt custom kit. This kit also has four large batteries, four-panel array, and lastly, control center which has communication hub, charger, and AC/DC inverter.

Spend your weekend in this cozy little home. You will definitely love the minimalist-styled place. Love the freedom it gives, not just financially and technologically but as well as personally.  What you just need to do here is relax and enjoy your stay.


Stats: 140 sq ft

Price: $2,000


Source: Boneyard Studios

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