Modern Style Tiny Homes – Each Like a Piece of Art (19 HQ pictures)

High-caliber houses often come with hefty price tags, but this one stands out because of quality and affordability. This modern style tiny house by Mustard Seed tiny homes delights for its excellent craftsmanship and for being economical. You are on the right track if you want a DIY “shell” for your home. As part of their promise is to help you achieve the tiny home that you are aiming for! Opting to live “tiny” is considered a journey from the planning and purchasing your little haven. It is definitely a journey worth embarking on.


These modern style tiny homes are made to be connected to a septic thank. However, they can also accommodate if you want a more environmental friendly option at an additional cost. Mitsubishi HVAC units are the default for this tiny house, and you also have an option among three various tiers of mini split systems. Propane enables the the hot water heaters and stoves, but they offer electric units as well.

It is important to note that this tiny house requires a 2.5-ton vehicle for towing. Many states have overpasses that can handle a maximum height of 13”6’. However, older bridges have lower ceilings. It is best to map out your trips already with these things to consider. There are upcoming floor plans that will be available in 20’, 24’, and 28’. You have the liberty to personalize your tiny home when it comes to flooring, paint, countertops, lighting, appliances— basically the entire home. Prices vary depending on your customization.



Stats: Plans are available in 20′, 24′, 28′, and 30′ options. Houses include trailer, 2 x 4 framing, CDX (high grade) plywood, Tyvex house wrap, ice / water shield for the roof,  roofing, choice of siding, doors & windows, spray foam sub-floor, paint.

Price: Not available to public.

Mustard Seed tiny homes

Source: Mustard Seed tiny homes

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