Natural building tiny home – a simpler life under $2000 (9HQ pictures)

It cannot be argued that one of today’s controversial movements include a revolution to counteract the depletion of Mother Nature. A conquest that is growing to unquestionable popularity is the conversion from meat-eating preferences to that of vegan or vegetarian. But what if, despite countless attempts, you find that your appetite (or wallet) cannot stomach this new regime? Here is a simple solution – build a home out of sustainable materials like a corrugated iron wall, straw infill, and lime render as well as keepsakes from tip shops. This way, you get to literally live your ecologic reform. Caught in a conundrum on how to even begin this new challenge? Then Milkwood’s just got the home for you! A lovely abode of about 50 sq. ft. and below $2000 to spend, here is a house for you to make a home.


Given 50 sq. ft. of space to work on, this build-to-own house can be constructed in just 6 weeks, excluding the time to gather your materials. This home boasts of the use of natural light, featuring a sloping roof facing North which allows the north winter sun to provide illumination across all walls. As light hits the home, it is captured by the opposite southern wall since it is well-equipped with lime render to allow for the collection and evaporation of water. Water can also be collected from the sloping roof to a small tank that filters the collection into a clean and drinkable element. Tweaks and improvements may be necessary for this house to feel like home, but given the freedom from bank loans and debts, I must say this serves as a great stepping stone to gradually change one’s life.



Stats: 50 sq ft

Price: Under $2000


Source: Milkwood

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