Rustic Texas Style Home for Western Living – Buy Plans for Only $150 (4 HQ pictures)

If you happen to be an old soul who is fond of anything vintage or rustic, then this house by Tiny Texas Houses is definitely for you! Enjoy the sight of an organically built house surrounded by luscious trees. It comes in the size of 12’ x 12’ with loft, three porches, bath, kitchenette, and impressive charms all over the place. The 144 sq ft area is not bad to build around a sheltered life!

The seasoned exterior of the house is the full framing set while it was being built. If you desire to festoon the place to your own liking, you can also purchase the materials you will need to do so. If this rustic house sparks your interest, you can purchase it on its own or bundled with another set for a reduced price. You can turn it into a family compound, bed and breakfast (B&B), or a hearty community.


You will not hit the sack without taking a moment to savor your cozy loft bedroom! You will surely love the flower-shaped bedside table and the Aztec print comforter on your bed. Go stargazing from the comfort of your room’s window. Oh, what a lovely bedroom!

We are willing to hand you a blueprint of these plans along with a membership to Pure Salvage Living site. You can watch videos on how to get and use the salvage through this site. You can also get a one-year free membership with an end of the year holidays’ special. Give it for Christmas as you thread for the New Year— a gift to downsizing and simplifying in the year ahead.


Stats: 144 sq ft

Price: $75,000

Tiny Texas Houses

Source: Writers Cottage

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