RV Tiny House That You Can Own From Only $425 per Month! (13 HQ pictures)

RV Tiny House That You Can Own From Only $425 per Month! (13 HQ pictures)

If the troubles of daily living make you forget beautiful things, then you ought to see this tiny home called Cypress. This beautiful and functional tiny house by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has led to the overwhelming popularity of this Tumbleweed. Swoon over its sweeping bay windows that allow you to admire the view outside, proportional corner porch which is a perfect spot for lazy afternoons, hipped roof, and clever use of rhythm with the design.

The Cypress is a RVIA Certified Travel Trailer RV with standard hookups for water and electrical needs. The entire house is 20 ft. x 26 ft, and the usable space is 189 to 298 sq ft. Its height is 13’ 4” with 7’ 6” width. Clad in wooden finish both external and internal, Cypress is lovely to look at, but, wait till you see what you can do inside this alluring abode.


There is a Cypress 20 with no porch and has a high contrast black roof and details. Meanwhile, there is also an option for a side door. The other look for Cypress comes with a painted exterior that is situated at Mt. Hood campgrounds in Oregon.

Bask in a rustic vibe when you get inside Cypress and fall in love with its wooden finish. Amplify your living by making it as a makeshift art studio. Let your creative Muse follow you everywhere and crate your masterpieces right there and then. Cypress’ tiny set-up does not sacrifice the kitchen as it boasts of the butcher block counters and electric cooktop. You will then get to the bedroom once past the kitchen. You also get the second bedroom up at the loft.

Enjoy your morning coffee with a view of paint your own kind of breathtaking scene; it’s up for you to choose. Cypress gives you the liberty to be creative just as you please.



Stats: size – 20 ft & 26 ft, usable space – 189 to 298 sq ft, steps – 2-4, dry weight – 8,800-10,500, height – 13′ 4″, width – 7′ 6″

Price: $62,950 or only $425 per month

Tumbleweed tiny house company

Source: Tumbleweed tiny house company

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