Sweet and colourful tiny home that will melt your heart (12 HQ pictures)

When you are caught between Mid-century vintage and new wave contemporary, it is always best to utilize both to achieve your unique aesthetic. Just like Austin-based contractor Kim Lewis who makes sure to spice up your life with the best of both times by picking out iconic looks and ensembles for the home, enough to make any abode in any size feel like a package full of your favorites. One of her esteemed creations is that of a 380 sq. ft. home constructed on 2 gooseneck trailers. This house also features built-in hammocks that you can access on the removable deck, screened-in porch made from Parasoleil panels in copper, and a customized kitchen island.


The home boasts of countless glass windows that allow natural light to illuminate its interior, keeping the atmosphere relaxed and refreshing. The sliding glass doors give a modern touch to the wooden home, and the colored steps allow for a childlike blast from the past. True to vintage style, the house is home for valuable and timeless memoirs like faux fur pillows, statement portraits, and Scandinavian-style minimalism. This 380 sq. ft. abode is equipped with a bed and bath, a spacious living space, functional kitchen/dining area, and a porch to laze around in. Kim makes sure to add a touch of pre-loved existence to the house by incorporating a miniature surfing board to serve as a table top as well as plants cultivated in repainted pots to perpetuate a mid-century vibe. Regardless of your dominating taste, this house is sure to work wonders for your aesthetic.



Stats: 380 sq ft

Price: Not available to public.

Kim Lewis

Source: Kim Lewis

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