The Cutest Tiny Houses From France (8 HQ pictures)

Mansion-like houses become less trendy today because of the continuous success in the invention of tiny houses. These tiny houses are known for their durability and great strength, especially with the wood-framed ones. Though this wood-framed structure is multi-layered, it is very light. Many contractors are into this concept of building tiny homes. One of those companies is the Tiny House Concept.


Tiny house concept is a French company that focuses on building tiny houses durably, safely, and healthily with warmth and relaxing vibe. Because of the natural properties of the wood they are using, you can easily choose your design and tiny house concept will be willing to meet your wants, needs, desires, and expectations. The finished tiny house has the basic needs of a person – a fully fitted kitchen, removable table for 4 people, your own storage area, sitting area that is equipped with a gas heating that will make you feel comfortable. Also, it has an extra sleeping area with a convertible bed of 120 cm that has an inclusion of a storage space, a wardrobe, library, and your own desk (retractable).

Aside from those, this tiny house has a second level with a 16 square feet area. Outside, you will see solar panels that will support your energy needs. The installed against-vestments and cover that are made of aluminum help lighten the weight of the house without minimizing the strength, meeting the qualification for the traffic and European regulations. The total weight of this house is approximately 3.5 tons and has a dimension of 2.55m wide and 12m in length.



Stats: Fully fitted kitchen. In front of the kitchen is fitted removable table for 4 people, a storage space, a sitting area with comfortable seating and a gas heating. Extra sleeping area – convertible 120 cm (3 ft 11 in) bed with storage space, a wardrobe, a library and a retractable desk. Upstairs 16 square feet area for sleeping and wardrobe space. Solar panels outside.  Total weight of 3.5 Tons (295 barrels), 2.55 m (8 ft 4 in) width and 12 m (39 ft 4 in) length.

Price: Not available to public.

Tiny house concept

Source: Tiny house concept

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