The Fanciest Tiny Home Ever – a Must-see! (19 HQ pictures)

Who says blue, white, and gray don’t make a great color choice? This Tiny Idahomes creation proves otherwise. Minimalist at first glance but never falls short in terms of surprises and style. One notable feature of this house is its creative windows. The windows when closed show a plain gray color; however, when you open them, the lively aqua blue color is revealed. A true work of art indeed!


The house features a blue wooden door with a Victorian door knob. Its tiny windows are glass tempered, allowing natural light to come in while keeping the place enclosed. Unlike other tiny house of its kind, this Tiny Idahomes’ creation has a curved barrel roof instead of the usual triangular roof shape. The house interior is equally stunning as the outside. It has a vinyl flooring in oak charlotte. The aqua blue, white, and gray colors are still used inside, making the interior appear spacious despite the limited space.

Upon entry, the kitchen area with the sink on the left and the fridge and freezer on the right welcome you. The kitchen also features a Bedford marble and white countertop from Corian designer on each side. You can easily locate the bathroom as it is situated opposite the main door, right beside the stairs leading up to the sleeping area. If you are worried about having people over and not having enough space for sleeping, then the small loft above the kitchen area can be converted into additional sleeping space. Just throw in a single mattress, and you’re good to go.

This tiny masterpiece is suitable for a couple traveling across the state or a 2-3 group of friends who seek adventures in their life.


Stats: 28′ long, 2 lofts, 3′ back porch.

Price: $68,000

Tiny Idahomes

Source: Tiny Idahomes

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