The Rustic Modern Tiny House (7 HQ pictures)

From the contractor DIY, this Rustic Modern Tiny House has a size of 350 square foot. It is located in Portland, Oregon and has been featured on Tiny House Nation, CNN, and the New York Post. It might look tiny, but this house has a kitchen, a living room with a Murphy bed, a bathroom with a tub, and a bedroom with a queen-sized bed.

The house was just a vision a few years back, but the owners believe in the power of action that is why they decided to make the vision and the plan a reality. The house is made of recycled materials which are creatively put together to create a wonderful masterpiece. It can even accommodate three people.


The photos serve as proofs to the breath-taking output of the planned house. The general design is for someone who loves to enjoy life with practicality and simplicity but with a touch of stylishness and creativity. You can even enjoy the outdoors so much as you live in this house. It is located in an area where you can enjoy simple pleasures of life through nature. The sound of the birds is soothing to the soul. If you want a home away from the regular commotion you used to see every day, this place is perfect for you. You can unwind and be able to neglect all the negativities of life and just start to appreciate the things you have for the moment. Truly, it can give you a whole new perspective on life and living.


Stats: 350 sq ft

Price: Not available to public.


Source: DIY

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