Tiny House Only Took 700 Hrs To Build – Must See (10 HQ pictures)

The impossible is slowly turning to possible with this tiny house that only takes 700 hours to build! What an amazing breakthrough by designer Matt Impola of Handcrafted. Every bit of its 250 sq. ft. is delicately handcrafted by Matt as part of the Handcrafted Movement project. The effort is meant to contribute to American’s ingenuity and quality manufacturing reawakening. It took him a total of 700 hours to finish it within the span of 10 months. Matt engages in his weekend project while keeping his full-time job.

Natural light swims throughout this tiny home landing softly on its wood accents— most of which are salvaged wood. You would not want to leave as soon as you step in the house. Lavish in the country character vibe that will lull you to relax and just lounge around. A rustic and modern fusion co-exists in this tiny abode.


This tiny home is an epitome of ingenuity that births to a three-foot deep closet, wall-mount shelves, library, and a couch with underneath storage. No space is wasted in this house. It also comes with a built-in wooden dining makeshift as a desk area and a ceramic sink atop of a concealed garbage and recycling containers. Cook breakfast or whip up a snack with ease using a stove surrounded by wooden countertops. The full kitchen includes a hood fan, a two-door fridge, and more storage built into the side of the staircase.

Two-toned stairs will lead you to a bedroom loft where you can hit the sack comfortably. A full bath with standing shower, built-in storage cabinet, and toilet. The cabinets are nestled in the far end corner of the house. Aside from being fully portable, it also has a mini garden station outside.



Stats: 250 sq ft

Price: $69,950

Handcrafted Movement

Source: Handcrafted Movement

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