Ultra Modern Off Grid Life in the Weehouse (7 HQ pictures)

You just found the perfect place to zone out and be alone with your thoughts in this weehouse by the Alchemy Architects Weehouse! The first weehouse can be found in Minnesota, specifically in Prairie land which is near Lake Pepin. Its dwellers, a violinist in the Minnesota Orchestra together with her family, are enjoying a laid-back life in the said weehouse.

The weehouse’s interior showcases the stunning built-in cabinets by IKEA.Enjoy nature’s spectacle by espying it from inside with floor-to-ceiling Andersen windows on the sides. The cementitious siding, coated with an oxidizing paint provide the exterior with a rustic yet hardy finish. Geoffrey Warner, along with a team of craftsmen, built this original weehouse for approximately $60,000 in 2003. This 336 sq ft. beauty now stands as the iconic image for the weehouse identity! How about setting the standard bar so high? This one is definitely a splendor!


Strategically located at the heart of serenity, this weehouse is perfect for soul-searching or purely relaxation. The mere thought of shortly getting away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind is alluring enough, not to mention the exceptional set-up of this wonder house! We are told not to judge the book by its cover. But, this one is too beautiful it outshines from the inside! The exterior is delicately built as seen through its Andersen floor to ceiling windows!

If the exterior struck you, then the interior will surely blow you away! It contains an ample space for a kitchen with dining area, bedroom enclosed in a curtain, and a living area with a metal fireplace. Living off-grid is a pretty much easy thing to succumb if spent in this splendid weehouse!


Stats: 336 sq ft

Price: $60,000

Alchemy Architects Weehouse

Source: Alchemy Architects Weehouse

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