Unique-Looking Tiny House (12 HQ pictures)

It is my pleasure to introduce you the Pequod, by far the most elegant and complex build of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses to date. A little bit bigger than your usual tiny house built for a family of four currently residing in Indiana. This house sizes to 26’ long, 8’-6” wide, and 13’-6” tall. It utilizes a drop axle trailer chassis, making towing a little bit difficult, but the additional 4” headroom in the lofts make up for this setback.

The roof’s wavy structure is meant to maximize the clearance of the lofts, reducing the ceiling heights elsewhere while aiming for an enchanting aesthetic design. Despite originating from a simple theory, it is challenging to build and time-consuming to put together. It is because of this reason that this house sells a little bit higher than other normal tiny houses. According to Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, it will cost $80,000 for them to build a replica of this model.


Do not be daunted by its price, because a high caliber tiny house like this one is worth every penny you have to shell out. Other key components that will win you over are the insulated wall panels, framed roof, a custom milled Douglas Fir ceiling that is also kerfed, twisted, and warped to fit the complex 3D shape of the roof.

In addition to the abovementioned details, there are handmade arch top French doors and operable arched windows in the lofts. Enjoy the view outside through the solid brass porthole windows. This is also a perfect place to get hungry; you can utilize your full size and high-quality freezer fridge unit and a customized pantry with shelves. There are a plethora of good reasons to buy this tiny home, so do not wait any longer!


Stats: 26′ long, 8′-6″ wide, 13′-6″ tall

Price: $80,000

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Source: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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