Unique Solar-Powered Home That You Can Take Anywhere You Go (8 HQ pictures)

The trend of purchasing and owning a tiny house these days is undeniable, and thus, it is hard for companies to make and create a tiny house that is uniquely different from others. Ecocapsule Company came up with a tiny house that you can bring surely anywhere; this impressive creation is named Ecocapsule. This Ecocapsule tiny house is categorized as a smart house that is solely powered by the sun and the wind. It gives the customers the excitement of living off the grid and the satisfaction of living in a hotel. Since it is a house you can bring anywhere, this could be a good pop-up hotel at places with great views. Also, this can serve as a cottage and given that it is solar powered, it can also be a charging station for electric cars. If you’re a person who loves freedom and value independence, then this is the perfect tiny house for you.


With a price of $83,600.00, you already have a house that has 86 square feet in area. Also, the Ecocapsule is already equipped with installed solar power of 600 watts and a low-noise wind turbine that delivers up to 750 watts for the whole 24 hours of a day. Lastly, it is known to have a rain water collector on the surface of the house which helps in avoiding floods in the inside. This is absolutely a great deal for anyone who has low budget for housing or for someone who loves to travel by land.


Stats: The installed solar power of 600 Watts.  Low-noise wind turbine delivering up to 750W 24 hours a day.  Rain water collectors on the surface.  8 square meters (86 square feet) of sufficiently designed space.

Price:  $83 600


Source: Ecocapsule

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