Unique Style Tiny House – Luxury Innovation (22 HQ pictures)

When you want to indulge in luxury- a mixture of modern aesthetic and natural-textured materials to be specific – you are looking for Alpha. It is a converted trailer house made by New Front Tiny Homes which is a wonderful contrast of material and style with the use of clean modern lines and large glass windows. It is coupled with closed cell spray foam insulation and Typar rain screen with moisture barrier for a waterproof resilience when the weather gets tough. This tiny home is highly conceptualized and engineered beautifully. Some of its incomparable features include the customized fold down deck, garage door in tempered glass, huge sliding glass door, and an 8-seater dining table. This house has interesting features that you can never see in a tiny space elsewhere, that’s for sure!


The calling cards of this extraordinary house are the extravagant utilization of multifunctional materials which are highly evident in the photos attached herein. The maximization of space, not to mention the innovative approach, is added to create such priceless beauty and grandeur. The use of contrast is being executed in all sides of the house. It has been fully furnished with exactness and congruency. For only $95,000 to spend there is truly no tiny home like this Alpha trailer.


Stats: Trailer: 24′ x 8’6″ x 13’6″ tall

Price: $95 000

New Frontier Tiny Homes

Source: New Frontier Tiny Homes

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