Unique Tiny House – for Unique Personalities (16 HQ pictures)

At first glance, this tiny little home has a very colorful theme on it. The Yosemite is covered in turquoise, yellow and lilac combination. This tiny home sizes up to 180 square feet. Its floor dimension approximately stands around 8-1/2 Feet Wide X 20 Feet Long. Despite its small dimension, Valley View Tiny House Company made sure that the house comes with a spacious and comfortable

The interior of the home is a total opposite of its quirky exterior. The interior has a wooden interior. The house looks very homey inside. It comes with small living area. It comes with a small fireplace underneath the window nook. The house is covered with large windows to brighten the living area. Floorboards come in light yellow color, which adds a warm glow on the house


The kitchen area is complete the kitchen equipment. It comes with a cooktop, a microwave oven, and a refrigerator. The kitchen wall is equipped with shelves for cutleries and dining paraphernalia. Designers have utilized the space very well; the kitchen counter is also used as a dining space. Behind the kitchen area are the toilet and bath.

The house has a step ladder that leads you to the master’s bedroom. It has a small closet and a big bed. The room has classic-looking lamps that make the room look classy and sophisticated. The bedroom floor is covered in lush carpeting to make the room look spacious. This house is sold for just $37,000. If you think that this is the right home for you, contact Valley View Tiny House Company for more information about this magnificent tiny home.


Stats: 180 sq ft, 8-1/2 Feet Wide X 20 Feet Long

Price: $37,500

Valley View Tiny House Company

Source: Valley View Tiny House Company

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